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smokin' cigs
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

You should be able to "wear" cigarettes. Maybe have another command for it or something.. but have it so you can hold it in your mouth and smoke with your hands free. Just a thought.

frickn true, or like put one in your ear, hat, whatever...

Just holdin' it in your mouth though would look cooler.  hehe.  Plus you could still smoke it.

And do they still have that "puffs greedily" message?  I hate that damn thing.

Should have a prop or something that stores a custom smoke message if people wanted to have one.

Or they could just pose smokin it then "snuff smoke" after a few pulls.

good call allandra. posing is jo friend!

You can't pose smoking a cigarette (at least if you want to actually have a cigarette object lit and you smoking it), while holding it in your mouth, because it says in your description that it's right there in your hand.  Not to mention, if you were holding somethin' that took two hands to wield while holding your cig..  That's just impossible.

even though Bias is a chronic smoker and "wearing" a cig on ones head would be conveniant.
i think i'll go with the posing thing.

you can pose the whole process from how you light it, to how you smoke it, to how you put it out in someone's eye. add a few words into your @look_place and such and voila...  

Lucien used to do that with joints if i remember correctly.
and joints do something tangible to your stats. while cigarettes are just props anyways. (but really... your lung capacity and endurace should go down after your 5th pack of the day:P)

yes i know it doesn't solve the coded object problem and it's not very streamlined and you have to type out descriptions but eh.

*stashes a couple of thousand smokes behind her ear and wanders off to read DADOES :P*

I dunno.  Ike doesn't smoke anyway.  I just thought it'd be cool.  ;P