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Speech System Addendum
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Trancer

Not sure if it's possible or just not thought of, but it'd be nice if someone addresses someone you're addressing, you should hear it. Like..I'm sitting at the bar, talking to someone, if someone walks up to talk to them, then I should be able to hear the two conversing unless they move away correct? Just a thought...tired of hearing half-conversations.

How about I let you see them say something to them, like how you overhear whispers instead?

That'd be good. After all anything is better than nothing. And in a crowded bar or nightclub I know even if I am sitting with friends I often have to ask, "Eh? What did you say?"

You should be given a chance to hear what people say if they use your name, too.

I remember looking at a study about that when I did psychology at college.

Oh, that's a good idea.