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And stuff

I know there's an alternate verb on spraypaint to make it prefix with "Drawn in several colors:" instead of the specific color. But how about a verb to actually have various colors show up on one line. You would use the normal verb to start a new line, then have some kind of verb that appends the new part of the tag and color you're using to the last line that was drawn. It would greatly improve the appearance of multiple color tags for people who wanted to take the effort.

Another thing is perhaps a very vague description of how full the can is. Because when you're shaking up your krylon in real life, you can usually tell if it's practically empty or very full.

Solvent will now break down graffiti in a more random fashion. You'll need to use more solvent to break down a tag and it'll do so by smearing letters bit by bit. Now you can ruin a tag, not just get rid of it! :)

Vague description indicating how full it is: CHECK!

Since theres now a vague indication of whats left, the value will now fluctuate accordingly too.