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Material stuff.

I miss "materials".
I really do. Not just because you could stitch up your own clothing. Though that did allow for diverse and expressive styles in clothing� But because you could also turn materials into props for RP.  Yes, it did create much bloatage for the MOO and things like hand-knitted replica flamethrowers sometimes popped up� but� so did interesting and realistic stylish items that where used for interesting and realistic stylish things....

The sorts of props I�m talking about are the personal items important to characters. A book, pictures, notebooks, (un)lucky charms, that special set of toenail clippings in a jar, jewelry, a lock of hair, a bullet from that super duper 100th kill, a broken kat from your sworn enemy, a painting, your lucky syringe� Pocket/bag sized items that wouldn�t be unreasonable even with the CP mindset of, �Only own what you can carry (or stuff in a locker/cube/another locker/your buddies cube/your car/uhm).�

While owning, using and displaying these things can be left up to RP they are also useful as actual items for such things like revenge scenarios, blackmailing scenarios, planting evidence scenarios, bragging trophies, drunken sob stories that end with the items owner flipping out scenarios, framing someone scenarios, tracking down your killer scenarios because they where spotted fondling your jar of toenail clippings, I�m sure I could go on�

Maybe to prevent people from abusing the �material� you could have the label
(OOC: prop) in front of the items title. Maybe have an automated @request material system with a limit of the number of materials. Maybe only the creator can make changes to the prop once the own it. Maybe the whole thing is useless. Maybe popcorn is good�

Bob the Goat Ninja grins at you.

In his left hand he holds a (OOC: prop) bloodied lucky human foot.
In his right hand he holds a BFG-4062.

If materials are still readily available in the game to make props then just smack me a few times and send me on my way back to being out of the loop.

This is something I've been agreeing with for an eternity...I realize there were twinkages, but I think we sacrificed a lot...I remember a lot of really unique and cool things that really fleshed out the MOO's theme...I'd love to see them come back. :)

umm *couhgs* materials are still available.. perhaps you should look in the right place...  *cough*  yeah.



Do you mean materials for clothing or generic prop type  materials?

as far as I know, materals for clothing can be used as prop-type materials....  but what do I know...

*Glances Around*

I hope they can be used as prop material things.

Both besides the point.

The point is that it's cramping creativity by keeping the supply to small, to such a small group of people.

I've seen them in various stores, so it's not like there's some "circle" of players that are blessed with material.

where would one ICly look for materials? (for clothing) possibly in a CLOTHING STORE? nah.. thatd be too fucking simple.  materials aren't being handed out only to a select few. they are readily available for a price in a store. on shelves even!! IMAGINE THAT???

I would expect better from two older players.. *ahem* *coughbiaslotuscough*


oh, and why not use them as "prop" materials? a material is a material item nomatter the name right? just dont abuse the messages.

*kisses Tool on the lips and wanders off to reacquaint herself with the IC world while muttering "Hrm. Maybe i've missed something here..." under her breath*

Now Tool, there is still the question, "Are all those materials in the stores editable by non-tailors?" because I have inface bought clothing before in hopes of makng my own clothing out of the materials only to find out they were the type you couldn't change.

Yes, there are definately types of materials that you cannot edit without the approprate skill.