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Table Talk command
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Noriega

A new command, whereby when you use it, only those seated at a bar, table or other object which you can conjugate on.
It could work such as this:
tt Blah blah blah
At the bar person says blah blah blah
It could also be worked so that you could dirrect speach using it ,as in tt `person
I am a bad explainer of things, one might exist, but none of the players knew about any thing like it.
In sum: It would allow private conversations, shady deals, whatever to go down without anyone being able to hear, if they are hiding in the room.

I know precisely what you're trying to explain, and I believe with simple and proper usage, the current communication system serves this purpose already.

Try 'speaking softly' and then adressing specific individuals in the room using the 'to' command. Those you haven't talked too will not see what you say unless they pass a stat check or are 'watching' you.

That's a great idea. Then, right after they've finished doing that they could blatantly ri... /borrow/ more ideas from CS.

I may not think the SD directed speech/eavesdropping system was implemented as well as it could have been, but it still blows BIG FAT WADS OF MEATY GOODNESS over the, rather shallow by comparison, table talkery of CS.