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The Guandao [Weapon]
The Martial-Artist's Long-Bladed Savior!

I had an idea for a new weapon, the Guandao, to be implemented into the game.

The Guandao is a bladed pole-staff weighted for martial combat. My idea would be that it scales off of both Martial Arts and Long Blades.

So, if you had Competent Long-Blade skills, but only Bad Martial Arts skill, the weapon would scale off of the Bad skill scoring. The trade-off for the ridiculous scaling would be that the weapon has a much higher to-hit ratio and damage.

Of course, I would assume this weapon would be pretty expensive, probably more expensive than the katana.

For more information; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guandao

I'd rather see arm blades, DeusEx style, the cybernetics equivalent to nailz (bladez).

It's likely a whole lot easier to do than trying to make some custom skill checks for just one weapon (boo for lack of reuse!) too.