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The RolePlaying Awards
Fuck the Oscars, we want a blood red carpet

So, basically it's an ooc event to recognize excellence in roleplaying among the community.  Players can be nominated by other players and admins, citing reasons why the person deserves the honor.  Categories could include most original character, best staying in character, best poses, etc...Then everyone gets to vote on who they think should win.  Once the winners are selected, there's an award ceremony in an ooc area (the place where the public forum shit is held, perhaps), winners are announced one at a time, the give speeches, blah blah blah.  Winners get a thing in their profile saying something like, "Winner, best poses 2090 whatever year it is", and maybe some ue or gear or chyen.  Perhaps a special plot centered around their character.

Why should we do this, you ask?
1. It would encourage people to put their best into their roleplaying.  I know there is already a lot of good roleplaying out there, but who couldn't use some encouragement?
2. It builds community and such.  Yeah, I know we don't need fluffy bunniness, but it never hurts to have everyone together and doing stuff.
3. It's fun.

What's everyone think?  Any ideas for categories, etc...?