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things to carry things in
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Timmy

for charecters that carry a lot of stuff, there sure isn't much to carry it in.. what? a 36 inch box? where are you gonna stash it? and then someone comes by and steals it off you, with all your stuff in it.. How about Backpacks? or brief cases, or sholder bag thingies.. I'm sure it's not hard to do.

No, it's not hard to do.. what is hard to do is getting every single object in the game sized so that you can't fit anything you want into those special containers.

Other things are also going to be changed. Stealing of large objects is going to be pretty impossible, but at the same time storing them in your magical inventory will be too.

There's a lot to do and getting everyone backpacks is far down on the list. So you'll all just have to use what's available.

I really wish you would code in something for a storage area.  My room is a disaster area.  I know your busy and all but I think it's a good idea for everybody to have a box to keep all there stuff in.

It is quite possible to purchase cabinets, chests, safes and the like, lockable or otherwise, within the game. Wearable and reliable carriably containers are yet to be done.

Not only is size an issue (many people have been very lazy while creating objects and neglected to size them), but for wearable containers we have to develop some code for game balance. If we simply made wearable containers, players would start putting -everything- in them rendering 'steal' a complete waste of code and severely hurting theif characters.

Those wooden boxes are bad enough, -every- single one of you who owns a wooden box is guilty of loading -ridiculous- amounts of stuff into them... Don't be surprised if one day in the future you start taking stuff out and suddenly it won't fit back in.

I really wish people would search around these boards more thoroughly...

We've covered this topic quite a few times.

Molochai: There are lockers in a couple locations, you can rent numerous rooms, one cube at New Rose and like rastus said, there are cabinets/lockers that can be purchased if you can find them ICly.

Timmy: You've been around for awhile haven't you? Haven't you seen the threads on this topic? Just curious.

ta ta

actually, I've been really bad at keeping up forums here. so haven't seen it previously, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

Another good way to deal with those nasty clutter problems.  Sell some of your excess stuff to other players or your friendly neighborhood fixer.
Remember people, economy = exchanging of money/goods/services for each other.