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This week on NLM...
Tv show ideas, games etc.

Was just reading over the Running Man and thought it was an awesome idea. Then I started getting idea�s about gameshows or something like that we could run in game.

Mainly I started thinking about the movie Gamer, where real people are controlled like video game characters and are pitted against each other in a miniature warzone. Was just thinking it would be cool if we could set up something like this in Sindome.

Characters pay a certain amount of Chyen for an entry into the game, when they die they are out. But instead of mass murder and rampages through the streets of Withmore we use something like the games system up at Cordoba Mallplex.

Bets could be placed on characters advancing through the stages of the game etc. and conditions change each week.
Maybe one week there are miniguns scattered everywhere, or rigged explosives and people need to navigate a course while disarming bombs in a certain amount of time. That way no particular character build would dominate every week.
One week it could be a team death match with Red vs. Blue. The next it could be a super powered GM controlled cyborg pitted against a ragtag team armed with only baseball bats.
Or everyone starts out bareknuckle and it�s a last man standing type deal. But with a certain amount of anonymity so IC relations don�t come into it. E.g. everyone is assigned a player name at random or simply named player 1 through 10, and conversation is not allowed.

This is probably really hard to code and/or organise but I just thought it could be fun. For players and for people who just tune into the show.

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