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Town Hall Drugs 3.0 Stuff
Ride the Dezraldin Walrus

Someone had an idea for messaging to be addsd when you first take a drug, just a single line. Cigarettes do this when you light up and it perfectly describes how good smoking feels.

A single message for each existing drug on use that could serve as an RP hint for how the high feels would go a long way, even without symptom scripts.

I was right about to make a thread for this. I'll put it this instead:

Here's an idea, since Cerberus mentioned rebranding drugs for the corporate market: Disposable TH-2C vape pens, basically Blu E-Cigs for weed (these exist IRL too). I feel like the convenience of just puffing on a stick, as opposed to carrying around a lighter and a joint everywhere and always re-lighting them, could fit in well with the corpie theme. Being able to use smokable drugs in public without blowing smoke everywhere could be considered "classier." Maybe it could be seen status-wise like the difference between Progia 7's and Progia 11's, or a dirtbike and a high-end motorcycle. Maybe a little meter on the side with the amount left, as another exclusive convenience. And maybe you could set the color of the little light on the end like a Progia 11, to really show off in a crowd (with colored text like flicking a flarelighter).

Agree completely, Vera. I know there was a suggestion it might be spammy, and I can see how that's the case if you're bumping six rails of marcy or something.

At the very least, what about NPC SIC messages added to the list that describe the effects of each drug? "Damn yo, dis' lana be makin' shit glow an' shit! I kin see through tha wall!" or something. Over time, such a measure might help sync up people's understanding and impression of what they're taking and give them the proper RP cues for how to act.

That's just an alternative suggestion though, I like the idea of giving you a message when you consume.

It's not spammy with cigarettes and you take like ten puffs on those things in one sitting.

Vaping is not CP! The timeline diverged in 2000 and thankfully vaping never caught on!

Also as someone who's done the real life versions of a lot of these drugs I think people don't realize exactly how fragged something like Na-3z or Ex-D7 is supposed to make you. You can pop a pain pill or a benzo and power through your day, but I've seen people blast cyberpunk heroin to fend off withdrawals and then continue RPing as if sober. I've also seen people eyerolling at players RPing out their perfectly reasonable high. Like, drugs are everywhere and people are on them all the time, it shouldn't seem weird or inappropriate that a guy who does CP coke at a party is acting a little excitable.

Just had an idea: what is there was a command to 'experience' a drug the same way you taste a food/beverage and get a message describing it's effects on you? Then it's not spammy but it's always available on the object.