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Two Ideas
eavesdropping/perception, and characteristic gestures

These may be more dumb ideas that will get shot down, or there may be something like them already in existence. But I think both are relatively simple and easy to consider

Ok, first idea: �When someone has a high perception, and another character eavesdrops on them, I think it should be possible for the watched person to notice in a subtle way that they are being watched. �i.e. �Alyssa is watching Algae, so Algae gets a message like "You notice Alyssa's gaze on you." that only he would see... something like that... i dunno �(not to �make specific examples of any characters haha =P)

2nd idea: Certain characters have gestures they do frequently... for example, Gerik holds his chest and coughs. �It'd be neat if there was something we could set kinda like an @message to be a characteristic gesture, then we could hit a shortcut command to make our character do that thing that makes them stand out, whatever it is.

Just some thoughts.

(Edited by Tylissa at 4:34 am on July 31, 2002)

I like that second idea. That way, when Moss pushes his mirror shades up his nose, he's just gotta type 1 word. Of course, Gerik coughing is a @social, but anyway.

Pfft, whatever... yeah, I was thinking of the mirrorshades thing too, but I'm sick of using Moss as an example.  Poor guy is practically being victimized on the BB as it is. =P Anyhow, yes, then people like Moss could just use one word.  Of course this is just a lazy idea but I figure it'd be simple to implement.

Gerik coughs now? What happened to all the yawning he used to do? Has he moved onto another @social?

Moss, I'm fairly sure doesn't pose the bit about his sunglesses, rather he types: tease shades and gets it.

@tease/@otease can be your friend, for now anyway, since they're clothing messages.

Sometimes I set them on clothes Tash sells, sometimes I am too lazy. If you have something and want a @tease/@otease messages for it and can't think of one find me on the SIC and ask me privately OOC and I can probably think of one.

Wow that's cool, I didn't know about that! See? I figured someone might edificate me... thanks Tash!

We do have server side Macro support going on for your second idea. @macros. so you can personalize your own messages for your own actions. Enjoy

who wants stock posses anyhow? It's more fun to do unique ones all the time! And then have typoes in them! YEAH!


the evesdropping thing. Yeah, that's good. I like that. For sure.