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Tyger Autocannon
folly #2

Tyger autocannon.
Shoots 40mm caseless rounds in a terrential volley.
Impossible to miss and a bitch to get hit with.

But if the status light is dim should it not respond slower?

and why does it leave a stab wound? with all those bullets? anyway one more idea would be to force the %player to convulse violently as the bullets hit...if scripts are used here i dont know, but if they could that would make for some interesting visuals while watching someone get mowed down.



*grumbles and searches around through the 'Admin Desk'*

*pulls out a piece of bound text equivalent to 3 volumes of an encyclopedia*

"The List"

Assume it's on there.

I once remember making a Tyger autocannon out of a material long ago....had great fun with it.

MacGuyver, eat your heart out! I make cannons out of PANTS!