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Why not use volunteers?

So, I was thinking... the admins, from what I can tell, are usually pretty busy. They're adding content, writing code, fixing broken stuff, using puppets, and busy making snarky comments on OOC-Chat. All of those those things are better for the game than processing simple typos.

However, at my opinion at least, typos are kind of jarring. They make the game hard to understand sometimes. Why not use a small volunteer force to be able to fix those when they are found? Now, I have no idea what the code on this game is like, so it may not be possible to add just the ability to edit descriptions, but if it was, I think it would be a great way for the game to improve.


@typo to report them, yeah. Still, we have a feature we can give players that lets them correct typos in descriptions. If you are interested in that please xhelp and talk to me or Johnny.

Is this still an available request? I've been trying to find ways to help the game.

Yes, either xhelp and ask for the typo feature or else email help@sindome.org if someone who can grant it to you isn't around at the time.