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UE For voting

I remember playing another online text based game. And upon logging in and voting for the game via an in game link you recieved a small bonus.
I was just thinking we may be able to set something up like that to ensure people do the daily vote for Sindome keeping our rating on sites like The Mud connector high bringing in new players.
Also providing more UE or something for people bitching about lack of UE.

Most voting sites have rules against offering rewards, in-game or otherwise, for voting for a particular game.

Quote: from Hirononbu on 12:20 am on July 27, 2012[br]Most voting sites have rules against offering rewards, in-game or otherwise, for voting for a particular game.

There you are. Log the fuck on. Jesus.

Maybe I feel like lurking a little bit longer.

Maybe someone is installing a cybernetic penis on your sleeping character.

That'd be epic if the character was a chick.. emphasis on the was.

Okay so no possibility of player rewards.
But how about a "friendly" reminder to players to vote for Sindome every 4-6 hours, maybe along with a link so players can just click the link cast their vote in the blink of an eye.
Or have a permanent link to sites like The Mud Connector pop up every time someone uses @who.
Some days i forget to vote and its only when Ravonic jumps up and down posting the link everywhere that i remember.

Just a thought because our ranking has been slipping lately

A reminder on login?

Most (probably all) don't read the login spam after the first couple of times they play, same as putting it in the @who list, once you've seen the same thing a few times you just filter it out.

We will just keep it how it is with Admin reminding and players reminding and everyone doing it on their own because they lovesies the game.