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Upgraded security
Vehicles shouldn't be the only ones

If this is already IC then bleh.

But based on looking and having asked ICly before, I got the feeling it didn't.

Securing our pads. Part of the Security skill of course or buying upgrade from security stores.

Idea: Things/ways to upgrade your door and the door locks.

CP2020 & SR both had different security options. I know you can upgrade the door so getting out isn't easy but a way to upgrade the lock itself would be good. And the door. Some doors would be harder to break down.


I am pretty sure things like this will be rolled out when Johnny enables breaking and entering.

Yeah, you have to have something to defend against first.

There is already IC security gear which can defend against other, non-forced ways which burglars use to gain entry.

If more stuff is rolled out, it'd be good to see it attached to security skill. Keep that business flowing. Can't do it yourself? hire someone. Seems like everyone can do a lot of the security gear stuff with low skill, but that's just my opinion.

Oh, I thought B&E (forced) was already a thing, just hasn't really been used before now by many people.

I know of some circumstances (benign and not) which I won't go into which made me think this.