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A whole new world.

I had this idea in my head to fix weather once and for all, as well as make it more exciting. We aren't using the slashdot RSS port for anything really, as far as I can tell no one even bothers with that feature.

However, we could hop into an RSS feed for a locale that is somewhere with interesting enough weather to have it be the deciding factor for the moo. As in the moo would read the rss for keywords, and via those keywords it would set what the weather is inside the dome. Making it much more interesting and make life in the dome more immersible.

You haven't seen the weather change?

I think eventually it'll be hackable...and I think there's a thread for this...somewhere...

Weather system failed on Jul 25... so hasn't changed since then. Prior to that it was restarted on 10 May '12 after not changing for 18 months... You haven't noticed the weather not changing? :P

It's changed in the wasteland a few times. Maybe it's just broken dome-side?

Same system, hasn't been changing.

You might see different weather in different locations depending how they're set up, but the actual weather task hasn't run for a few months.

Ahh, gotcha. That's a pity...