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Web Client and the Down Arrow

I have grown to really enjoy the Web Client. It's pretty awesome. There is, however, this single, little thing that drives me crazy. It's largely my own fault but it has hit me often enough that I thought I'd write it down. Maybe it's affected others.

When I am typing in a command (like a long pose) and accidentally hit the down arrow on your keyboard, it is gone (as whatever you were typing disappears and can not be recovered). This happens to me sometimes because, after typing out the pose, I try and proofread it before sending. When I see a typo, I try and arrow back to fix it and all too often I fat finger it and hit the down arrow instead of or together with the left arrow. Then it is all gone.

Like I said, root cause is me hitting the wrong key. I know that but I still think it would be great if this didn't happen.

Of course, this might be something to do with the browser I use or my OS for all I know. I just know it get's me often enough to make be feel pain. I am not even sure if there is a reasonable change that would help this or if it's worth the effort.

I exclusively use the webclient and sometimes i feel a little disadvantaged, but its a -great- easy client i agree. I'm pretty sure this is just how it is with the down arrow, though. I've done it many times before, too, but i would really hate to lose the arrow functionality. Really, i'm pretty sure you just need to stop using the arrow keys for navigation within the text box. Just use your mousepad or whatever.

OR you can do what i sometimes do (if you don't already) and write out a pose/emote/spoof that i know should be proofread without the command symbol first. Hit enter. and then use those pesky arrows against themselves and hit the up arrow to bring the pose back up again from the beginning. you can just scroll through the pose then. I usually just do this to ready poses ahead of time and then edit as circumstances in the scene changes or to get pose ideas into the flow and readily accessible with a few punches of the up arrow. Start using them as a tool and maybe you "forget" they are for navigation too? :)

Hey there. I've encountered the same issue and, after a while, found a solution that worked for me.

Most computers have the means to restore/revert the last few inputs with a Ctrl based command. On my keyboard that command is Ctrl + Z. If and when I lose my input to the down command I just hit Ctrl + Z and, as if by magic, my missing text is back. Ctrl + Y restores text lost by excessive pressing of Ctrl + Z.

Hope this helps!

This also drives me a bit crazy. I updated the web client code to fix this issue by making it so when you hit down, it saves your previously entered text into the command buffer, so you don't lose it-- but you can still type a down arrow to get to a fresh input if you need it.

This is not live yet, as Johnny needs to review/approve the feature.

Feature approved, should be live next time we roll out webclient updates.

All I can say is that it feels like Christmas. I mean, it's far from essential and I'm probably one of very few who actually cares but it happened. Thank's Slither Claus!