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What skills are used for what actions?

Problem: I can't figure out what skills are supposed to be used to do certain, rarely-done tasks.

Solution A: Someone (probably a GM) lists out on the wiki (in an IC manner) or on the help files (which would probably have to be specifically geared towards an object or task) what skill is used for what.

Solution B: When you go to do a task, and examine/inspect the object, something will show what skill is used and maybe what level of it is needed.

Solution C: Nothing changes and people just xhelp to ask why they can't install/do tasks that they just spent 9 UE on the wrong skill for. And get told something like "that's the fun of the game!"

if you're looking for a specific example, I tried to repair a SecureGuard 5K system. Repaired a little bit of it with my existing skills & mechanics belt:

* Intelligence : mid range � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
* Luck � � � � : mid range� � � � � � � � �
* � Electro Tech : sucky � �
* � Auto Tech � �: decent
* � Secure Tech �: extra sucky

I had 9 UE to spend so I bumped up what I figured this SecureGuard 5K Security System might need to use to get it repaired: Security and Systems. With the following stats below, I still couldn't repair the system any further.

* � Secure Tech �: sub-decent
* � Systems � � �: above-sucky

Which leads me to be like, what the hell? Is it just that my skills suck that much, or is it that I'm putting UE into the wrong skills? Which led me to this post. This type of problem happens pretty frequently...to me.

<edited so that my stats aren't actually in there, you get the idea though>

(Edited by Lena at 2:06 pm on Nov. 25, 2010)

Meh, things are kinda unclear at times.

Systems is grid hacking skill.

Secure_tech is purely used to breaking into vehicles...no other in-game use exists for it.

Auto_tech relates to ALL repair roles involving auto parts.

Aero_tech relates to any repair roles involving aerodyne parts (those not found in automobiles).

Intelligence is the key factor in all of the above.

As far as I know a while back Jman changed cameras and detectors etc to use Secure_Tech as they used to be Electro_Tech... Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Secure Tech has more use than that.Kable

Sorry for the deadbump, did not see the date on the post.

It's fine. Posts get risen from the dead sometimes.

Use the files:

help stats

help skills

As far as your skills go, I -always- recommend that new players get acquainted with SIC. (help sic and help sic-encryption)

Remember that SIC is an in character channel. But, something like, "Where can I find a job?" will usually get people asking what you can do. Sometimes the people "awake" at the time won't be able to suggest anything but, later people might be able to. You should focus on meeting people and forming connections in the beginning. Then, later people can be like "Oh I remember this guy who could do this stuff." When they need stuff like that. Good luck.

Please do not discuss what you think you know. This is not a topic you should be discussing OOCly.