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@check-help / @new-help
Got the typo feature? You got dis

Hey Foflks -

We've added some new functionality to aide in allowing players to submit new helpfiles. If you have the typo fixing feature, you can use the command '@check-help' to list the top missing help files.

You can then use '@new-help' to submit a new help file for admin review.

Go ahead and give it a shot. But make sure you check for typos and only include one space after a period!

It's still under development so report any issues/feedback to me on this thread.

-- S


This is going really well! You have all been adding so many command hints and it's great! Keep it up. If anyone wants to contribute, you can xhelp or e-mail help@sindome.org to join the Typo Fixing club. Good grammar and typing skillz required (IE: not me).

-- S

I've made some improvements here:

Reminder, this is only for those with the typo fixing feature.

You can now do @review-help to see pending submissions by ALL other players. You are NOT required to @new-help a help file that is on the list, you can of course propose new help files or revisions to existing help files.

We have a LOT of help files people request that don't exist. Help (pun intended) write them!

-- S