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'Deface' and 'Clean'
Tag some corpie art or fix the mess left by that mixer.

You can now 'deface' art with a can of spraypaint, allowing you to tag it until it's covered in spray paint and even add layers upon layers of paint beyond that point.

But fear not, for no matter how bad the damage, the right skill and quantity of solvent will fix that with the 'clean' verb.

How does one deface a hologram with spray paint.

I assume one spray paints over the projectors.

Can we make defaced art visible on the 'room' itself?


A painting titled 'Blah blah' is hung up here.

A painting titled 'Blah blah is hung up here, defaced with graffiti.

I think you can rehang it to depict the updated state. Examine the artwork.