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@temp_place is live!
@temp_place / @look_place / @sleep_place

Check out the in-game 'help @look_place' for more specific details, but we now have a temporary look_place message that will NOT persist if you change rooms.

It supersedes your @Look_place when set, but does NOT change it.

@look_place me is grinning, cutting through the Mix like a house on fire.

@temp_place me is leaning against the bar.

You go north.

Your @temp_place will automatically clear and your @look_place will return.

Have fun!

-- S

You glorious tinkerer!

This is a great addition!

Long live the Coders!

You guys have had some time with the upgrades to @look_place/temp_place/sleep_place. Any feedback, questions, or things of that like? Does it work exactly how you want it? Is there room for improvement?

Love this!

This has had plenty of time to percolate. Your feedback is very important to our continued development. Please offer any issues / suggestions to the improvement of this feature here!

One of the biggest issues I have with using look place is you don't show up in the rooms look. This leads to ALL manner of embarrassment with regards to setting and forgetting.

I would really just love it if a change were made so instead of being absent, it included you in the description with your look/temp place.

WhatsHerButt is laying with her ass in the air. Tiffany is going down on WhatsHerButt. You are playing video games distractedly.

I'd like two things.

First, to notify the whole room when a TP of LP changes. Like an emote I guess.

Second I'd like to have shorter commands as synonyms for all _places, we can really use '@lp' or even 'lp'!

That's it! Things are great! Thanks!

+1 to emote changes and command shortenings as well as look changes.

@lp playing video games distractedly.

You are now playing video games distractedly.

[/i]DickButt is playing video games distractedly.[/i]

So, these are interesting suggestions but problematic. I have a couple of times tried to incorporate your own look_place and... it just doesn't work. It can be really immersion breaking, really. Your character is looking at the room. It's an IC command. So, seeing this:

You are leaning against the bar, drumming his fingers lightly against it while he glances casually at the door from time to time.

Is immersion breaking. We have no way of converting your third person look_place into a first person message. It's just... not foolproof.

As for an emote when someone changes their look_place, this would actually cause more problems than solutions I think. Normally, what I see from players who are RPing:

.walk into the bar and .head over to a stool, sitting down.

@look_place me is perched on a stool at the bar.

If we then added in the emote it would then add an additional:

Seven is perched on a stool at the bar.

And that would be third person only. You wouldn't see your own, and if you did it would show up like an emote instead of a pose, because of pose requiring special syntax.

Again, great ideas but the implementation doesn't seem like it would live up to the possible immersion breaking effects it could have, or the hacky code I'd have to write to make it happen.

Now, there is some good news!

@lp / @tp / @sp :)

-- S

If it wasn't clear regarding notifying the room when your @lp changes: You should be doing this with poses (or emotes if you haven't learned pose yet). You can do much more with a pose/emote than you can with an @lp in terms of description.

My fingers send their love. Brevity is the soul of

The issue with @sleep_place not enforcing 'is sleeping here, whatever you added' is fixed. It now forces 'is sleeping here' on the start.