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2013 New Features and Bug Fixes
Slither - 2013

I've fixed numerous bugs -- and closed numerous others. To many to list. However -- the big ones:


Grappling hooks should no longer send you to nowhere randomly.

New Features:

Xo5 Enviromental suits will now offer you more (not complete) protection from dehydration in the badlands.

You can no longer spam sleaze.

You can no longer spam shove off

Loan sharks will no longer loan you money while shrouded.

Doctors will no longer stop your bleeding automatically -- if they aren't in the clinic room when you enter.

If someone is dead, but not yet a corpse, you can now shove them off a rooftop edge without them magically dodging.

Smell previously did not work on shrouded people. It now does.

Pickpocket previously did not work on disguised folk -- it now does.