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Advantages & Disadvantages
define your character's strengths and weaknesses

Advantages are now available.

An advantage is a special modifier that only comes into play when you perform particular actions. When you select an advantage, you will be randomly assigned a disadvantage as well. This disadvantage will never counter any of your advantages.

If you're picking your advantages as an established character and a random disadvantage does not make sense considering established RP, contact a staff member to have your advantages/disadvantages cleared so you can reroll something more appropriate.

You can select up to 3 advantages. Make your selections by using '@assign ue'.

Is it possible to have/earn more and or less of them?  Maybe based on intelligence or luck.  I think it's a supercool idea

I think 3 is the magic number. It allows you to customize your character without being a master of everything.

I like the new advantage system.  Are you gonna add any more?  I'm thinking ones that let you get more cyberware or cloning more before having problems.  Stuff like that.

I like it how it is actually. Right now it only effects skills, which reflect a specialized career discipline. It's a way of transferring that natural knack for a particular subject in your players history into something coded.

Hiron, that would better be described as 'traits':

ambidextrous (no 2 weapon penalty!)
strong dna (less DCD risk)
mental fortitude (less PDS risk)

etc ...

These could analogous to old D&D 'Saving Throw' bonuses or natural resistance.

I'd want to implement them as a table of fixed pairs, coupling one positive trait with a negative trait (no random, no picking the neg). The key difference being one is nature (traits) and the other is nuture (advantages).

Awesome.  I like that even better.

I was thinking about the whole traits thing.  Could these potentially include genetic modifications for representing of people who were modified at birth or possibly later.  Some things that come to mind are better tolerance of hot or cold, with a worse tolerance of the other, a genetically engineered parallel to nailz and possibly other cyberware that would clone with you, but provide other disadvantages.  There are points in the timeline about people being experimented on and I could imagine some interesting RP revolving around discrimination towards people who aren't quite human.