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Babble-On Script Advancements
The ever beating drum of evolution

Recently our custom scripting language Babble-On got some very fun upgrades. New features include:

Non-linear execution commands 'jump' and 'stop'.
Sub-routine calling commands 'start' and 'finish'.
Basic Math and random number generation commands, 'math', 'random', 'increment' and 'decrement'.

These when coupled with the existing features like logical script flow commands like 'if', 'else', 'not/equals', and 'match' have made for some very exciting posibilities.

Namely scripts for complex non-linear 'conversations' are now possible, both with NPC's, and other 'interactive' objects (think phone and SIC).

This is the completion of the scripting framework's aspect of 'Lip-Sync', the technology were still working on (have been for some time and will be for some too) to enable GM's to create intelligent conversations between charcaters and the MOO. It's completion marks a milestone in our development.

If your interested in taking a more in-depth look at this and your a scripter, head on over to the Scripting forum. If your not a scripter and would like to learn to write scripts for the MOO, email help@sindome.org and let me know.

As always thanks to Johnny for whom without none of this would be possible.

I look forward to seeing where everyone will take this. Be cool!