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Changes - in Ras Minor
A change-log of minor code edits.

This will mostly be a change-log of things that don't warrant a full topic of their own, things that have been altered  but not to a game-changing extent.

Please actively check areas of the game effected by these changes and @bug any undesirable results or odd behaviour as it's not always possible for us to identify every possible knock-on effect of a minor change.

Deliveries - Fixed a bug causing anomalous '0' text output when making deliveries to certain stores which resulted in items being added to the display. Minor change to message output, cleaned up some props with "fixed" NPC names in them and improved pronoun subbing on the messages.

When making deliveries, check the messages all look ok and payment/delivery completes properly. @bug or @typo anything odd as appropriate.

Drugs - Hopefully fixed an issue preventing NPC Doctors from being able to detox players suffering withdrawals from smokable drugs. Caused by extremely old cigarette code being patched into the newer drug system.

Recoded smokables to use the stock drug system. This requires some further work, should be stable for use but may produce some inconsistent results. Report oddness!

I plan to add some better messaging to NPC Doctors so they tell you why they can't help you with detox at the moment, rather than the blanket failure message they currently give which is of no use to anyone.

May also add a more expensive "full body" detox option for certain conditions that normal detox can't handle.

Channels/OOC-Chat - Did a minor audit of all the Channel Communication Feature code and fixed a few minor over-sights.

Things like xm, xmote, etc should now return a "Usage" guide if entered without any arguments. @xhelp now differentiates between players and admin, so players won't see a list of channel commands they can't use.

Any issues, @bug.

Fixed a minor bug in the PDS code that would, in specific circumstances, result in a player getting "very minor PDS" effect messages while not actually suffering PDS.

Recoded @who - Bug-fix - @who should no longer TB if a player somehow ends up with a location of #-1 (due to a known badlands/airspace issue).

Added a "newbie flag" to @who,  the third '*' column will show 'n' for players who are under 2 weeks old.

Cosmetic changes to @invis'd players, now show as -Anonymous- with a fixed @wow that'll let newbs know about @invis.

Admin NB: Several other additions/functions for admin, see post on *admin mailer in-game.

Two issues that I'm amazed have gone un-noticed for this long have been fixed...

1. If you're KO'd while grappling someone, you stay grappling them and it's no easier for them to escape while you're unconcious...

Fixed: When you're KO'd, anyone you're grappling is released immediately. No more grip of death.

2. Grapple uses the @trust system entirely incorrectly and as a result, as long as you trust anyone to grapple EVERYONE in the game can grapple you unchallenged.

Fixed: @trust 'x' to grapple now only allows the trusted person(s) to grapple you unchallenged.

Typical Rastus.

>Looks at code.
>"Fuck it, I'm not fixing this"
>Fixed five minutes laterRastus

The code for loud noises was dumb... previously when on the streets you may have heard shouts/loud noises coming from the opposite direction than they were actually coming from (ie You hear someone a shout from the west from someone who is standing east of you.)

This should be fixed - the order in which rooms were receiving the sound meant you were hearing echoes before the direct sound - which meant the main sound was being treated as an echo and blocked... nested loops and wonky logic.

I've done some basic tests and everything looks hunky-dory, but it would be useful if some people could fuck around with shouts in the streets over various distances and report if anything looks wrong.

Nth has been extended from 10 to 50 (ie, you can now interact with 50th photo in briefcase).

Due to ANSI in the names of photos of rooms it wasn't possible to uniquely reference a room photo when dealing with many photos. If you had over 10 photos and some of them were of rooms you couldn't interact with them at all...

Nth has been tested by several players and no problems reported, but please @bug if anything out of the ordinary occurs while using it.