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Changes to condition while shrouded
You can't see me!

Your condition is no longer obvious to others unless you are significantly injured if you are successfully disguised with a shroud. Who can tell all these Mixers apart anyway?

Could we now update the verbiage of disguises to (for example) the following 'A mustard shrouded average mona.' as well as setting up keywords for disguise colours.

As (some?) disguises are no longer allowing the person in disguise to be targeted by their usual aliases, this might help mitigate targeting issues in large rooms / brawls.e.g. you type 'attack 1st mona' but at that moment the neon green mona's disguise slips and you attack your mona friend in the bright pink disguise. Just as an example of any number of situations where this might be relevant.

I see where that might be useful, but I'm concerned about the "watch out for the mustard hoodie" metagame. I think with 26 or so @short-descs, hopefully people are using a myriad of them.

Though now I'm thinking about people changing short-descs while in a fight just to fuck with others.

I think it's fully appropriate that you might attack the wrong shrouded person, given that they're supposed to blend in.

Besides, I am sensing this is mostly just theorycraft and not a real issue that is popping up.

Also you cannot change your shortdesc without redisguising yourself in the first place.

Mistaken identity is a great IC feature.