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Codex Rasticus
Bits and bats...

Oooh, there used to be  a list of useful commands here :cool:


(Edited by Rastus at 4:07 pm on June 5, 2002)

Give me a place to stand and I'll kick Rastus in the butt.

Whee fun...

Much info on ambient population and  it's impact on the game.... *SNIP*

(Edited by Rastus at 4:08 pm on June 5, 2002)

Whee fun wow!

(Edited by Rastus at 4:10 pm on June 5, 2002)

looks all good, but am I the only person who does this go n w w w n n n e u u u u w w w s s s s u e e e e e e n e  and vice versa to get somewhere?

Um...*blink* I think everyone does that. I personal (though sad it may be) Have most of the dome memorized. Going anywhere, -from- anywhere can be don in one string.

My record (this was testing vehicles) was driving from the inersection of Deathrow and Fuller, on the west side of red -----------------------------------------------ALLLLLLLLL the way up to the mallplex in one sring. That was going throuh the ne express tube on red, up onto gold, along Saedorway, through the ne express tube. I think it was a 40 direction string.


So um...no, ohers use it too.

More shite...

(Edited by Rastus at 4:11 pm on June 5, 2002)


Steal has been re-enabled with stat and skill check modifications and some slight alterations. Use, abuse (?) and suffer the consequences... Good clean fun.

@bug anything bizarre, odd, queer or generally CS-like.

Minor tweak to the whisper command means you should no longer have the problem of overhearing your own whispers, as some of you had @bugged in the past.

As ever... @bug anything odd that happens while whispering your sweet nothings to Casey.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!... and the crowd goes WILD!...

But anyway...


(Edited by Rastus at 4:13 pm on June 5, 2002)

Rastus I've got three words for you: Glutten For Punishment

oh and yeah, good idea, thanks as always for coding somethin'

a glutton? Why?

And sweet work Rastus, someone's been drinkin' their O.J. :)

thanks for all of it Rastus-dude.


(Edited by Rastus at 4:14 pm on June 5, 2002)