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Cred Chips
two bug fixes

1) take a LOCKED and cleared chip. Give it to another person to hold. link up with them and try to transfer some chyen to the locked account. It will display the current balance in the account as well as if it is active or not.

This one was fixed and additionally, we decided to prevent the chip's from going 'online' if they are locked. This means that it no longer possible to transfer funds TO a locked chip.

2) Take a locked Shocker 9 and give it to a sleeping person. It will no longer give you the 'i'm getting fried' messages. But it STILL TAKES HEALTH OFF. At least as far as I can tell. Nearly died there...

A serious bug to say the least, it has been corrected and will give damage to the sleeper and force them to drop it.

Are Cred Chips are gonna work?Johnny

Thanks a lot for implementing this! I've seen the credit/chyen dichotomy referenced a lot in setting materials, so it's nice to see it finally in the game.