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Custom Sleep Message
Not sure how new this is..

I am not sure how new a feature this is, but I just today found out we had it.  If you type @messages me you will see the list of messages you can set on yourself.  The last one, at the time of this writing is @sleep_place.  This is used in the exact same way as @look_place, with one small difference, it automatically prepends is sleeping here to all messages.  So you write them like this:

@sleep_place me is his face peaceful.

This will result in:

Slither is sleeping here, his face peaceful.

Do not write it like:

@sleep_place me is sleeping here, snoring loudly.

As this will result in:

Slither is sleeping here, is sleeping here, snoring loudly.


Have fun with it, it's a nifty way to let people know where and how you are sleeping!