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Death, decay, dying...
It's time... to DIE! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Corpses and stuff? You don't want to know about that...


(Edited by Rastus at 4:18 pm on June 5, 2002)

Your one sick little fuck, you know that? Hell, where did we get this guy.....

All I can say is I am damn glad Ras can code now... laterz.

rastus, a quick observation on vomiting:

If I use the puke social (?) and huck chunks, shouldn't it have a chance of making others toss? And What about the vomit's physical stuff, If someone chucks, shouldn't there be a steamy or luke warm pile of stench filled stomache juice? What if lucifer lugs in a putrefied corpse that is -really- rank and licks it? Will he probably toss? Will I toss at the sight? Will my tossing make Gally toss? Do NPC's puke? What if it is a pile of gored up limbs? What if I get in a fight, and I hack some guy to bits, will I puke at the aftermath, or worse yet, in the middle of a fight? What defines how someone pukes? Would a situation where a player is RPing and normally would -never- toss sees something and invalentarily hucks, completely out of character ever happen? Like Luc, I doubt a pile of limbs would make him as a char puke, but could the code force that upon him?

I love the idea but...but...


Code that will let you change things with time? Oooh, you could code in gardening and growing plants ; )

Uhhh....plants are already coded.

So ras your saying I could down one too many shots and find myself with a bad hangover? blowing chunks all over the cheap whore corpse?  That would be embarrassing, actually I just wanna know where to leave the money......

anyway *points a rastus* catch ya at the next necrophiliac's anonymous meeting ok man?...........  

Flerf... anyhow...


If all else fails...

(Edited by Rastus at 4:20 pm on June 5, 2002)

Oooh, that was a good point I just *snipped*

(Edited by Rastus at 4:21 pm on June 5, 2002)

From what I've seen/heard of the uses of coded vomiting, here's what I'm getting from it.

Coded vomiting happens as a physiological reaction, not a psychological one.

You won't vomit from seeing something gross, or thinking something gross, or hearing someone talk about something gross... those are all psychological responses.

Examples like Rastus has given (overdoses, illness, etc...) are physiological responses.

I'm wondering why all of Rastus's posts are edited out?

Honest answer? Some bad shit happened, people were dicks, I decided to be a bigger dick.