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Furniture and handymen
The Cabinet, the shelf & the wardrobe

There are some new options to help you better organize your places and more will be coming down the road as well. While seats are part of the rooms themselves and don't get commands (and examine), there are more functional pieces we can provide that do provide more use.


Shelves let you display items decoratively where installed. You'll find a few different kinds of these available include a bookcase (which will hold more than books).


These have already existed. General purpose storage, helps clean up your clutter. There are a couple sizes and you'll pay more for natural materials of course.


Designed primarily to hold clothing. They're useful because you'll automatically put things in them according to where they are and how big they are. And when you look at it, its easy to see everything at a glance.

Handymen (and women)

Now, all these items need to be installed and uninstalled in order to make use of their benefits. Installing cabinets and bolting things to walls and such is fairly straight forward, but is not without some degree of technical and mechanical complexity. So, there isn't -A- skill that is required, any of the mechanically technical skills will suffice. It'll take some simple tools to do the job of course, the sort of tools that come from a handyman's tool belt.

More items will be picking up this functionality, but they might not be things you can buy in a store. You'll note there are no locks on the the above. We'll get to that too.

Looking forward to cluttering up bookshelves with trinkets!

So does that mean wardrobes will essentially 'sort' your clothing in a semi-logical manner?

Indeed, they do their best attempt at doing so. I tested it first with a judges collection of work and personal attire and only 2 items didn't 'fall' where I felt they should. It's not perfect, but it made it look much like my wall locker in the Marines, and it was quite readable. I think those of you who purchase one will really appreciate the way it looks.

Ohh, I love that then. It'll definitely make owning more than just one 'normal' set of clothes much less of a hassle.

Vigel's has moved from the gold sector to the green sector and is now selling a variety of installable stationary lockable containers such as wall safes and massive cargo containers. These install like other installable containers.

Vigel's new location also has electronic home security gear like motion detectors and security cameras too now.

Can we have booby-trapped safes? I wanna have booby-trapped safes.