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Grid bug with Chrome
It seems to be an issue with Chrome only

So for a bit over, or around a week or so I have been getting an error when I log onto the grid. Not the usual access denied 504 because the grid hasn't synced and doesn't know you have a quickterm.

What the bug is this: When browsing or reading the grid, I get a popup error stating that the page is unresponsive. This happens every couple to few minutes until I close the popup.

When it first started, i asked on xooc, and no one else had the issue, but last night Donal mentioned over Xgame, having the same issue, and turns out he has chrome as well.

This issue is a recent one, it didn't used to do this. So Now that I know it's a browser problem, I thought I'de post the bug.

I am a new player, and also had the issue the first couple times I logged on. Then I switched to Firefox, because it was super obnoxious, but yeah, it happens every time I open the game and try to play on the latest version of Chrome, every time I've tried.

I use Chrome, up to date version, and I have only experienced this about one time ever.

For whatever it's worth.

I'm running the current version of Chrome and have never experienced it to my knowledge.