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Items, Items... and... colored items?
A longstanding issue that is now not an issue...

Just real quick... some of you may or may not have had problems with color when you looked at a room and an item in that room was a picture of a room. It messed up all color after that point.

Johnny and myself worked through it and found out why it was happening, and have corrected it. It was an issue with @options, and it is no longer an issue. Some players have different options set, and the new way it works takes into account if they HAVEN'T set those options.

So, yea. Basically, it works now. ;-)

If you see any bugs, as usual, let us know. But there shouldn't be any. Color hath returned!

(As a side note, the commas are no longer colored, making it easier to seperate items.)

On with the game!

I love the white commas!!!

Ohh yes, very spiffy.

yes.. they are like little snowflakes ina sea of red.