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They don't last forever

You are hereby warned that opening expired lockers has changed (that means every one of them I think).

You are also warned that sometime in the near future they may expell their contents when they expire even if your not around.

This should be considered 'The Way It's Always Been(tm)'.


So does that mean you can rent them? nice! :D

Any restriction on how many you can have?


Yes, yes it does. And no, no restriction besides the one per location one.


The lockers, which allready emptied themselves out upon opening when overstuffed (or expired), can no longer be overstuffed. If your locker was barfing on you before, you will no longer be able to fit that much stuff in it moving forward.

This is, of course, the way it has always been ICly.

If you find a specific item which seems to take up a disproportionate amount of space (remember these arn't full size gym lockers, they're little square deals with a fair amount of depth), please let us know and it will be examined.

And don't forget, as I have mentioned before, at an undisclosed point in the future lockers will expire even if you arn't there to collect their contents. You have been warned.