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They now have parts, crash and can be stolen.

Over the past two days I have (with Jinx and Johnny's help) brought motorcycles into line with cars in terms of having parts. This means:

Bikes can be hotwired and stolen.

Bikes can crash and become undrivable and unstartable.

Bikes can be customized (different engine, tires, etc).

Bikes take damage when crashed.

Bikes no longer become wrecks, they simple stop working as their parts are damaged.

Can bikers be beaned in the head with something thrown at them, and make them fall off the bike? That would be awesome.

Don't xhelp for it before you try... :P

Even though i don't have alot of time lately for SD, All my love goes out for the people who made this change on bikes possible.

Does this mean aerodyne cycles can be made?