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New Game-Help Channel
help your fellow players

Recently the OOC-Chat channel has had some trouble staying civil. Because this channel was also used for helping other players, we had to do something. A number of you raised concerns about it and I thank you for having the courage to do so.

Moving forward, we'll have two player accessible channels.

Game-Help will be more firmly moderated and focused on helping each other with OOC questions.

OOC-Chat will remain the loosely moderated chit-chat channel.


Players have access to the following communication channels:

Game-Help - moderated channel for OOC questions & answers,

OOC-Chat - come here to chit chat with other players

@xcon - listen and talk to your primary channel

xm - say something

xmo - emote something (help emote)

xto - say something to someone on a channel

xsocials - available channel socials

@xlisten - listen to a second channel:

xgame - talk on the Game-Help channel

xooc - talk on the OOC-Chat channel

@xsilence - leave a channel

NOTE: You can only emote and use socials on your primary channels.

Awesome! You da man!