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New In game Help Topics
Lots and lots

I have gone through our list of missing help files (we keep track) and added a good amount of missing help files. I have also added proper forwarding of many helps, to the general help files that reference those commands.


help resist -> grapple

help free -> grapple

help laid -> sex

I've also added some forwarding for some common things like 'advanced combat' now redirects to 'advanced-combat'.

This should help our new and old players alike.

You can see a list of general help files with help gen-index <-- have fun!

I really like these and I also love the new helpfiles for skills. Makes them just that little bit easier to understand and follow without obviously stating what 'builds' help them etc. It's a nice balance.

Also the way their split up is nice, makes individual section easier to follow and hopefully much easier for screen readers.

We continue to add new help files. The most recent one is for AIM, but we have also added several others. We are actively tracking the help files that are requested and not present and as they stack up, we are attempting to write relevant help files for each of the requested commands! Or to redirect the request to the appropriate help file.

Sup chums?

These are the current most requested help files that do not exist:

* Missing help file --> shop <-- requested 37 times. *

* Missing help file --> name <-- requested 36 times. *

* Missing help file --> door <-- requested 36 times.

Write a help file for them and post it here and have your words forever immortalized on the MOO.

-- S


Doors in sindome are usually attached to things that people want Private, but not always. If you need to key in a code for a door, then you would type it as:


 on [direction or place door is attached to] [/b]

and it will give you some form of confirmation that it unlocks. No matter weather or not a door is unlockable or not, the next part remains the same.

Open [room or director door is attatched to] will open the door.

close [room or director door is attatched to] will close the door.

You can check if the door is closed and locked by looking in the direction of the door.


Something like that for Doors?

Should start with the use of 'examine' since not all doors have push or even open. :)

Are people typing help name in chargen?

We don't actually track where/when someone types it, only that the help file was requested and not found.