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NPCs can automatically use retinal doors
Leading to much improved movement

So, I spent some time tonight fixing a lingering issue with NPC movement. Retinal doors. NPC guards at places like NLM would spawn in their barracks and be effectively stuck there because of retinal doors between them and where they wanted to move.

This has been fixed by NPCs now automatically using retinal doors that they have access to! It will lead to more NPC movement that was already trying to take place but was failing due to them not being able to get through the doors.

This is beta code and still being debugged and monitored. If you notice wonkiness please report it via xhelp so that I can look at it right away. As always, don't abuse bugs if you happen upon them.

Out of curiosity, when all the bugs are fixed, is it fair game to follow them into a room (sneaking or other wise)? Or would that be considered metagaming

I would assume that following an NPC anywhere is fair game. We are supposed to treat them like real players. So if you'd do it to a player, do it to an npc.

Following them in is fair game. You getting stuck somewhere for 12 hours is also fair game. Them killing the shit out of you, also fair game :)

Nice work Slither.