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OOC Reminders from SYS-MSG
Progressive reminders

Per the discussion at the Town Hall, I have rolled out some new code to allow us to set up periodic and progressive reminders for players, to do certain OOC things.

Currently there are reminders for the following things:

1. Lacking a long enough description

2. Lacking @voice

3. Lacking @nakeds

I say these notifications are progressive for two reasons.

1. You will only see one notification each time the scan runs (it runs every 3 hours).

2. You will only qualify for a notification if you are past the 'earliest notification time'.

We require everyone have a description, even new players. So we will remind them no matter how old they are.

However, there is little point in badgering a brand new player who is just learning how to walk around, to set their @voice or @nakeds. So, our system waits until they've been around a few days before prodding them about these things.

@voice reminders start three days in.

@nakeds reminders start after a week.

These times might change, as we tweak things, but the overarching goal here is to make the new player experience just a bit smoother.

Suggestions for reminders? Questions?

-- S

When you say @nakeds, does that mean you need to have them all filled in? I know I only have it set for one arm, for example, because it's not particularly fun to have the exact same sentence for both arms.

It checks if someone has filled out ANY @nakeds, the assumption being if they have not set even a single one, they probably weren't aware it was even a thing. So if you have even 1 character in any of your @nakeds, you won't get the reminder.

How're these going?

This has been in game for a while. Any issues? Any suggestions?

I don't know about how the messages are going, and what effect they are having per se. I was the one that brought up the @voice thing during the Town Hall, and that prodding fixed at least one instance of someone not having an @voice right away though.

It may be an effective tool though, because I haven't really noticed the problem since it was implemented, except with maybe the freshest of newbies.

Just got this auto reminder and it totally helped me set my @naked correctly. Thanks!

Fantastic! If you have ideas for additional reminders please post em!

I have added two new notifications!

To add these notifications I had to start tracking who read @rules and @newbie, which means that everyone is marked as having NOT read it. Just use the commands and you'll no longer get the reminders.

1. At 2 hours, new players will be reminded to read @newbie if they haven't already.

2. At 3 hours, new players will be reminded to read @rules if they haven't already.


-- S

Added a new reminder for any player older than 1 month that has never posed. But, as of the time of this writing, not a single person online had never posed! Good job people!