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Roofs, Paragliders, Grappling Hooks, Falling
all working together in harmony

Falling now works the same from:
  - jumping off a roof
  - failing to jump from one roof to another
  - shoving someone from a roof
  - falling from heaven
  - ejected from a flying vehicle
  - exiting a flying vehicle

If you're wearing a Para-anything, you'll deploy it automatically. If a flying vehicle is in the air as you're falling, you can try your luck at falling into the thing too.

Additionally, Slither has contributed grappling hooks that let you ascend or descend between the ground and a roof.

The first grappling hooks are in game.  You'll have to find out where to purchase them ICly.

As we progress and descriptions are done, new types of hooks will be made available.

Since I've no way of checking for myself, I just wanna ask.  If say, person A was pursuing person B, would A be able to see B from the street, since B is scaling that four story building?  From alot of the things I've seen so far on the board -and again I can't play so just curious- it seems like disappearing is getting even easier.  Is it as fast as walking, moving from room to room?  And also, can you go both up, and back down the rope you just placed?

You'll have to play to find out.

Yeah! Quit lurkin and teasin. Just come back!

Well, roomies suck.  All those previous bills, yeah, there was no 'splittin them by thirds'.  Nope, that all came back on me.  So, and this is the funny part, after taking care of them, and ALMOST being back on top of the world.  Got fired!  Life iz sheet, smoke anozer cigarette.

Can this be implemented for Badlands mountaintops? Along with sniping points and such?

Bringing airspace to the badlands would take a pretty epic effort wouldn't it?

Took Johnny a while to complete the dome and get it functioning and it's still not perfect. Maybe we'll get some more active coders in the new year, one can only hope!

I don't think airspace is really necessary? The mountain regions are pretty specific. Perhaps the room numbers could be specified simply to allow use of climbing gear and sniping in the desert...

It's not like there are aerodynes outside of the city.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 12:07 am on Dec. 28, 2010)

Maybe it could make use of the elevation data built into the GPS. Seems this is already used to an extent, to figure out how mucha rea is covered by a GPS display.

Like, you could snipe into areas with a lower elevation.

Which begs the question, if you scan <direction> with binos or your cybereyes, are you going to see items at higher/lower elevations or just the one you're on?

Binos don't work.... Just saying...

Slither hasn't been around to port the scope code to them.

And you can't aim across roof tops... only down right now I think.... So dunno how it'd work.

Rapelling out of flying vehicles, if it's not already possible, would be bad-effing-ass

There's nothing stopping you from jumping out of said aerodyne and then landing where you would be rappelling to. Small jump like that only tickles. There's also paragliders if you're too scared to take the leap unaided.

(Edited by Ravonic at 8:30 am on Oct. 19, 2012)

Also paragliders.

To quote Jimmy Babylon, '"I an I be right baaaaaaaaaa-SPLACK."

I've made several fixes to grappling hooks, including fixes (hopefully) that pesky issue with you ending up inside a recycled object.

I've also added a new feature which will allow you to let go of your grappling hooks and fall. This is useful for when you are at the end of the line and want to drop down to whatever is below. Wouldn't recommend doing this if you don't know what you are doing though as you will take lots of damage if you fall to far and probably die. Don't say you weren't warned.

However this does open the door for grabbing onto things while falling.. which is something I would like to work on soon.