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Signup Improvements
Some fixes that were due

I addressed some signup problems over the past few weeks and a number of issues last night in particular.

- removed duplicate email address confirmation that was occurring

- added success message after a new character is created on the Your Characters page

- immediately populating Your Characters page with actual name of character created

- fixed broken UI in webclient caused by not having actual name of character created

- rewritten Character Generation welcome message to outline the process

- *fixed the long standing bug between the moo and webclient where initial 'look' would not occur, this was leaving brand new players with a mostly blank screen and no instruction to type 'look' to get going.*

Note that that last one affects everyone using the webclient to play. When you connect, you might notice new messages from a number of systems. These have been here all the time, but dormant for webclient users until now.

Good work as usual ;)