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the A-Train
as opposed to the f-train?

Did the MAg-levs get new routes or is it just me?

Looks to me like one train goes one way and the other goes the other way. Not that my character uses the 'lev much.

Many of you have noticed the obvious bug where there are two trains in a station at a time. This was caused when I reversed one of the trains to make it more useful. I've solved the problem and change the station pattern for them.

I won't tell you the details, but this should serve as a note that this is ICly the "way it's always been".

I was just pondering why there's a direct route from Green to Red.  I don't think any corpie or family from Green would want to go to Red...

However, there is an alternate train then...

but the fact that one train goes from green to Red could mean a kid riding the train for the first time alone might accidentally get on the wrong train, but could i suppose accidently not get off the other train route and in both situations have to wait out a ride through Red.

Just curious about those thoughts.


Could always seperate the two stops on Gold by stops on Green... Instead of two Gold in a row.

another 'this has always been this way' kind of thing.

If this is an 'always' been this way, shouldn't there be a rout schedule or something somewhere.  Seems like if it had been this way for years people would know what trains go where win.  So why do we have to find out the hard way?

now they have the spiffy little flashing signs on the site of the lev that are even color-coded!!! now if you don't pay attention to that awesome neato stuff...then i guess the admin will just have to come up with an even more colorful display of awesomeness and power!!! woo! but seriously, guys. is this really that big of a problem? so the trains go different ways now. big deal. when a train pulls into the station, just type "look" and there's a big ass flashing sign on the train that says the trains next stop and even it even has stars indicating the color level that it is going to from that station. *sigh* alright. i'm done.

It's ok Kain, Dominik is a pro at pointless bitchings. But thanks for noticing my efforts to educate the 'masses' Kain, it's appreciated :)