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ts happens
it should be worth something in game terms

We all know that sex is a part of the game if you choose to make it one. Your characters are in social situations with others, so that sort of thing occurs. You don't have to get involved in those sorts of interactions, but for many of you, its a perfectly normal part of your character.

So, to account for this in some fashion, we're giving you all the ability to get a little bonus out of it since you're doing it anyway. (I really should find a way to turn this into bitcoin ...)

And we don't care how many were involved, what was done, etc. File detailed notes ... or don't. Really, please, its ok, you don't have to.

Just type 'LAID' or 'f***ed'. Thats it. It will work in your coffin too, so don't worry if you can't find someone to RP with, your character's hand can give you the bonus too.

Alias "fap" to this, then?

fapfapfap just for the lulz

You pervs...

*makes so it spreads venereal diseases*

So we talk about the new fapping features but no talk on the new voices in the cubes or the glowing lights of progia phones? XD

Well, you don't do anything for the voices or glowing lights. :)

For the Progia phones glowing lights: One thing is that it seems a little spammy. The second thing is this seems like a cool feature for a Progia-9 or Progia-11 but not something a Progia-7 should have.

What glowing lights are you even talking about? Serious question, since I've never seen anything about anything like that.

But yes this new feature is real and legit, and the effects are quite predictable for anyone who's had any amount of good sex before.

What is the "bonus"?

I don't get it... :S

Check @stats.

And take a whiff of yourself.

Maybe I have a special phone, but while you're talking to people on the gridphones your buttons and stuff will randomly shift colors.

Unless something changed that I missed, a progia-7 specifically should not have any of the color-changing stuff, which is a feature of higher models.

And it shouldn't be changing randomly, only when you select a new color.

Welp I xhelped about it several times in a row and none of the Staff said anything back to me

It is possible you're only imagining the color changing due to another IC circumstance :)

I responded on ooc-chat that I was unaware, but its not pressing on my list of things to investigate at this time. :)

THat could be possible, I'm not entirely sure what that other IC circumstance may have been

Okay, I know that the new command has a smell component, and I've started to see it around in shortdescs. Does it show up as 'smells slutty' for girls and 'smells satisfied' for dudes? If so, that is fucked up.

Smells satisfied for both.

Aahaha, okay, I was worried for a second, there. I guess 'smells slutty' comes from something else.

Did they finally fix the typo? It was 'satisfed' for awhile.

It was 'satisfed' when I saw it, too.

My only thought is the 'cheesy' part of the smell. Doesn't make sense to me and I would think that someone with higher charisma or takes care of themselves, though musky, wouldn't smell really rank / cheesy.

Just a thought.

I guess I can see where the cheesiness comes from, as you often probably don't smell the freshest after a ts-a-thon in real-life, so you'd need to wash that ass down to be smelling like roses again.

True. I could see the musky part. It was the -cheesy- which indicated -very- unpleasant. Like real stinky feet. But that's my little 'ol opinion. Still a fun idea. :)

what if it's your daily routine to work it out only while showering? you know.. 'cause of the water jets

Enter the shower command second!

what if it's your daily routine to work it out only while showering? you know.. 'cause of the water jets


oh, just took it for a test drive. that seems work just fine.

Cheesy is not really that bad of a smell level. If you have a chance to IC, use the command over and over without showering.

Huh, well, I wasn't sure what it meant so I had double checked my understanding. I guess it was just the Cambridge I used at the time. :)