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Weapons Information
You REALLY want to read this...

As of the timing of this post, most of the weapons in game will have gone through the beginnings of a major refactoring. You all know about the new weapons messages that we have been working on... in an attempt to rebalance the game and its weapons we're putting generic 'attacks' on as many weapons as we can, and we shall change to weapon specific messages as time allows us.

That being said... weapons will now hurt very very badly. In most cases, we had to rework the ratios for damage. We had no real baseline for some of the weapons, so we just redid the whole setup and we shall refactor it as we go the next few weeks.

That being said, remember... we are still beta. If you get in combat and are dishing out damage way too quickly with a certain weapon for your character's stats/skills. Please report it to us. Likewise, if you think its not enough damage... let us know. We'll be looking at ALL weapons in an attempt to make sure that a 6mm pistol is not doing as much damage as a shotgun... yet more damage than a cricket bat.

Thanks for your help everyone, this should hopefully be the first of many steps towards reworking and refactoring parts of the combat system. We have a few ideas we are thinknig of tossing in there.

Game on!

freakin sweet!

it is good to know that work is still being done here. i kinda worried about that for awhile.

I've noticed some of the impromptu weapons ala a medpak, letter, MRc, and such have always done weird damage. Not usually in the hands of a player but in the hands of momento gangers and such. Good stuff though.

Those 'weapons' haven't been editted yet. :)

While you're playin with combat stuff.. i noticed the last time my char was in a fight that there was an extreme difference between bare fisted brawling and brass nuck's brawling.

using the brass, he was hitting the target in the hand, the foot, the shin... etc. when he lowered the brass, he was hitting the target in the head, chest, and it just felt like it was doing real damage, where the brass knucks were just makin it sound like he was incompetent.

is that something that will be fixed as well?

I notice bullets doing "laceration" damages as opposed to GSW's.

Ok, it was just suggested to me that maybe brass knuckles are a melee weapon. o.O

let's think of this logically.

i pick up a sword. to be skilled with a sword, i must be aware of the point, the length, the angle, the reach, and then attacking obviously uses melee skill.

when i'm brawling, i punch. i use my fist to aim, and hit with my fist. i put brass knuckles over my fingers and make a fist. if there are brass knucks over my fist, then it should increase the damage of my punch.

so if it is the case that brass knucks are a melee weapon, i believe this should be changed to brawling. there was a post that says that certain weapons would add damage to brawling, and i could find it again if i have to. i logically assumed this was referring to brass knucks. because if i'm doing less damage with knucks than with my fist, and basically doing the same thing, where's the sense in that?

ok, rant over.

Quote: from Biohazard on 2:45 am on June 29, 2006[br]I notice bullets doing "laceration" damages as opposed to GSW's.

It's only a fleshwound! Come back here and fight!

Not to worry Soul, brass knucks do use brawling

ok, then it was just a fluke. i'll log the next battle i'm in and check the diff's. i dont get in combat that often. once so far.

Would that mean that Brass knucks would also have an effect for Martial Arts?

I would imagine... I mean, is there really much difference from brawling and and martial arts?

Yes, a huge difference. In the future when we actually have a martial arts system... it will be an even bigger difference.

For now, brawling is best likened to boxing... martial arts is best likened to ninjas kicking ass.

Skills are not based on weapons, weapons are based on skills.

Quote: from Wren on 7:41 pm on June 30, 2006[br]Yes, a huge difference. In the future when we actually have a martial arts system... it will be an even bigger difference.

For now, brawling is best likened to boxing... martial arts is best likened to ninjas kicking ass.

Skills are not based on weapons, weapons are based on skills.

Why isnt there a martial arts system? Is the code that difficut, or is it just time consuming?

How about tease messages for all weapons? Is that too much to ask? At least the guns...

Yes, a martial arts system would be complicated. :P At least the one that was envisioned. you would have to 'learn' attacks and moves.

OOh, gotcha.... learning moves would be complicated to code... but freakin sweet.

I like the idea of tease messages for weapons... I mean must we absentmindedly poke and fiddle with everything.... And you should be able to "play" with a butterflyknife.. but I'm sure this has been said before, at least by me if not anyone else.

Quote: from Lucien on 5:41 pm on Sep. 21, 2006[br]I like the idea of tease messages for weapons... I mean must we absentmindedly poke and fiddle with everything.... And you should be able to "play" with a butterflyknife.. but I'm sure this has been said before, at least by me if not anyone else.

Well, you can always write your own @macro for it.

After all it's a RP game... :mirrorshades:

Personally, I always liked just posing it myself... But I was always kinda iffy on how good I was supposed to be at it.

I also want you guys to code it so that we can use empty shotguns as bongs.

Why use a shotgun as a bong, why not just go buy one.. but I think it would be cool to by paraphnalia and a bag that eventually goes empty, versus buying a packed bubbler and tossing away a really nice glass piece when you are done.... I dunno about the rest of the stoners out there, but I would cry if I had to throw away a piece every time I cashed it out...


I agree with Lucien, and I bet it would be just a bit of code to make the buubbler reusable. I myself own three pieces of... paraphonelia(sp?) and paid like 40 bucks a piece and would cry if I had the get rid of them when I cached them... Just a thought....

On to weapons... I think different kinds of ammo could be a possibility for the future, I have a variety of weapons myself and I have learned it takes quite different rounds depending on what you're doing. Right now I imagine all the bullets in the game are full metal jacket, but they dont do the most damage, and they are probably the cheapest. Whereas you can get hollowpoint, those are meant to put holes in meat, bone, tissue and brains. And then you have such rounds that are called frangibles, they deteriorate inside the target. I think this is the perfect round for the WJF, they dont want to shoot innocent people, but they do want to subdue the "Bad guy". I also know the coding required, but it would make for more realism, and more fun in my opinion.

Insert me taking inventory of my drug paraphenalia and weapons cache here.

We have plenty of ammo types in-game.
If you're using guns to the point that you want more than what is in-game already, you are focusing on the wrong things, in my opinion.

I do make an exception for special tech that advances the theme (i.e. cybernetics or energy rifles).

Cybernetics would be awesome, yes as well as ebergy rifles. But then the room for abuse is much to great, in my opinion.

Well, in my opinion, we can worry plenty about Abuse after we have Use.

But I also think it would be wise of us, as a team almost, to make it so that before we use it, we can make sure that abuse isnt a large issue. Because once Use it available, abuse will follow if people are given the opportunity. Now.... let's say the weapons got hot... fast, and they would melt if used too much. Great way to control abuse. Just stuff like that.

I think a lull in the RP is making me post pointlessly.

(Edited by Lena at 10:23 pm on Feb. 11, 2007)

Psh. Abused how? Cybernetics are the newbie/oldbie equalizer, they'd set a PC's stats to a set level. If there stats were higher then that they'd DECREASE. The only way abuse comes in is with the fact that ripper docs would be ripping that shit out of meatpup's left and right.

Oh noes! You get hunted down and slagged.

Cyberpunk happens. Your feelings get hurt...deal with it.

No, not cybernetics, at all. I dont know much of anything about them. I am talking about energy based weapons.

And I think what Lena said goes the same for me...

Yeah I think we're getting caught up in definition wars.
Abuse  = getting more out of something than it was intended to give. This applies to poorly implemented weapons (Salvatore's point) just as well as oldbies exploiting bugs (Reefer's).

Eh, Energy weapons are illegal in withmore city...heavy weapons barely even exist. I wouldn't worry about it.

Oh and Salvatore, let me tell you about these rabbits I had...

Sooo, should I assume you've never read Of Mice and Men?

Have you ever read Watership Down?

I think not.

No, havent read it. Saw the movie though, and it was excellent.

You're killing me.
Was the dialogue wiggle-wiggle-hop-hop, followed by passionate scenes of humping?

Or, better yet, was it narrated by Leonard Nemoy?

(Edited by Lena at 10:37 pm on Feb. 11, 2007)

OOH! YEAH! Sorry, it's been a while since I've seen it. Sorry for being.... difficult.

To get this back on topic,

One example of a new weapon/ammo type which it would NOT be proper to ask to be implemented in-game is the Bunny Launcher.

It is neither themely nor necessary. And it is not very nice.

(Edited by Lena at 10:49 pm on Feb. 11, 2007)

(Edited by Lena at 10:50 pm on Feb. 11, 2007)

Unless the term 'Bunny' is slang for the SD equivalent of a Bouncing Betty.