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When you just got your ass kicked...
No one knows how!

So the normal health messages don't really tell you much. They tell you that a player has a few cuts or bruises... however... you aren't sure if you can see them or what.

Thus, I've set up @condition. It is pretty much the same idea as @look_place. It is set the same way, and formatted the same way.

For instance. Lets say you just got your ass kicked and you're cut to shit. You don't change clothes.

@condition me is "covered in blood stained clothes, several of his cuts are visible. He walks with a slight limp, favoring is left leg."

Now, you'll get to see your own message -exactly- as it is put in if you look at yourself or do an ht... so just ignore the faulty pronouns. At this point, nothing to do about it.

The condition message will show up under ht and look.

In the future, I may remove the 'Name is'/'You are' part from the beginning. I want to see feedback on this first. If you guys think this is a lame idea, also let me know.

As always, any abuse will be handled with... and repeated abuse will result in the loss of the ability to use this. Coolies and enjoy.

...sounds good.

How exactly is it different to look_place though?

(Edited by Chienne at 8:53 pm on June 19, 2006)

Ooh, I quite enjoy this command. In spite of the clunkiness of seeing two messages, I think it's incredibly awesome.

is it possible to mix the pose code with this to fix the broke pronoun thing? so i'd enter:

@condition me is .huddle in the corner, arms wrapped around .my knees, and .wail in agony.

and it comes out correct to all viewers, myself included.

Nice suggestion... and while I can't integrate it with pose... I can look into other ways of making it work.

Also, @condition should NOT describe what you are doing (Thats what look_place is doing) it should give more detail to the condition of your wounds (or in some cases lack thereof)

For instance:

@condition me is limping around, favoring his left leg. He is covered in bloodstained clothes and has several cuts on his right arm. Unfortunately, the rest of his injuries are hidding under his clothing.

Remember, it goes right below the line that says what injuries you are suffering from.

yeah, i didnt set mine to what i was doing, i was just giving an example of pose, cuz i just properly learned it last week :p

i've been reading up on some moo code, and i did see some crazy lines that will change depending on perspective... like

"%Nd %n:(shuffles) %td, making it look easy."

which to me, shuffling, would say:

"You shuffle the deck of cards, making it look easy."

and to others it would say:

"Soul shuffles the deck of cards, making it look easy."

would that help? i havent totally worked out what each one does, but i'm playing with that now.

the one i'm trying to figure out is the his, which is %p, but how would that look to me... lemme check..

nope. so far the core i have ignores %p.... oh well.

i found a list of pronoun usage at http://collections.ic.gc.ca/science/english/compsci/projects/moo.html

Type 'help pronouns' in-MOO.

ya know, that should have been great help. but when you type help pronouns, it is almost the exact same page as i posted the link for.  like one of them is copied off the other.


Soul, if you are running it on a core make sure you run the string through $string_utilities:pronoun_sub.

ok, still partially learning this stuff. and i saw that at the bottom of the help pronouns ingame. so, in order to run it through $string_utilities:pronoun_sub, can you give me an example to get %p to work?

not that this is really a tutorial forum, but it sure would be handy to have someone that writes the code to talk to. i've been scouring the net, and i get a few simple things, but nothing really in-depth. so far i can make a dog, a pet rock, and a wind-up duck :p

i'm trying to figure out clothing, and get a port of ansi. not to compete, but to learn so i can help sindome. many days at work there is absolutely nothing going on, and i roam sindome.

i IC help players where i can, do runs, buy stuff, read forums, etc. participate as much as possible when i see more than 4 people on, or when i run into someone.

i was here at the startup with bane and johnny, met johnny in person in 29 palms, (we were both stationed there in the marines) and love this place.

i applied to kevlar for the scripting thing, no response. i used to be a builder here, and did the original buildup and design for Westinghaus. the description of the lobby and hallway is all mine, as well as many of the sin street descriptions and Lamb's Wake, i named that and described several of its sections. So i'm pretty good at building and describing, but i want to code.

wow... that was a rant. :p

anyway, code help would be appreciated.

xhelp and ask for me next time you're on.

Pronoun sub is tricky, ours is customized...

try help $string_utils:pronoun_sub...

ok, i'll be on again tomorrow from work. thanks, Wren.