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NOTICE We are back online after the 05/25/18 afternoon outage. We continue to experience some connectivity issues that our host is looking into. We are back online, no RP lost as the last backup was from after the connection issues. However, it's possible we have additional unplanned downtime. We hope not, but fair warning. Don't let it stop you from getting your RP fix!

You can't take the Sky from Me
come fly with me, and die with me!

The Sindome Group in partnership with Verse Studios, Incorporated, is proud to release a very very beta video game.

Free Sky, a simple, multiplayer space shooter is a work in progress that I've been coding for less than 25 days. It's buggy, not terribly pretty, but its ours damn it!

You can play Free Sky by clicking the link from the right-hand menu where you click 'Access Grid 2.0' to get on the grid. Playing Free Sky will require a little web plugin called Unity, thats light and quick to install.

Give us your feedback in this thread, and I'll keep you up to date as we improve the way it looks, works and flys.

Enjoy ... in 3D!!!

I really like the beggining menu the wallpaper is nice...
When I was playing the first 10 seconds it crashed.  Was gonna send a report but was too lazy.

Stupid firewall. can't play your game. awww.. maybe next week from my friend's house or something.

on the plus side, Unity installed easily.

Figured it out Im playing messin' around and I Right click and it crashes. Im gonna play around with it for a while and be a beta tester.

Also Alt will crash you I dont know if it is just me or a bug. And Yes this game has potential. I think if there is a way to put a little graphic on your ship. It looks pretty Plain. Also maybe Choseable ships and levels this will take a lot of work and im sure youve already thought of this. But if not here you go.


The Unity development team has no plans to support linux as a development environment or as an end user environment. Sorry.

Hmm...I wonder if it'll work under wine.

It works in Mac, which is Unix backend.... though might be utilizing the cocoa instead... but just fyi daiimus.

I get the unity player and backdrop all hunky dory. But then I get a little black box in the middle of the cool free sky backdrop. If i click in the sweet spot, the 'free sky' fades ad then comes back, and then the black box has moved and become a big black box.

Basically, I don't think I have some requirement for playing this. Admittedly I am running windows 2k with service pak 4, but I also just downloaded the most current flash player. Unity player IS supposed to work for Win 2k+ with the service pack.

Ummm any ideas?

What graphics card do you have?

I've yet to play it, although not for lack of trying.  Here's the message I get once Unity loads up and I click launch on the game:

Find or Host a Game

Public IP address but server not initialized, it must be started to check server accessibility.  Restart connection test when ready.

Yeah, we're trying to debug that particular message. We've seen it on a few people, but yet to identify why the hell its doing that.

Tell me about your OS, firewall/AV software set up. What kind of router you're on too, if you don't mind.

I'm using Vista32 Home edition, no router, and normally just plain ol Windows Firewall, although I did try turning it off to see if that made any difference, which it didn't seem to.

Well, I checked out my device manager but as far as I can tell I don't really have a graphics card. Certainly not one of those spiffy voodoo/geforce ones. This is a shitty laptop I've had since 8th grade. Sony VAIO. Horrible. Truly horrible.

Is anyone else playing or am I the only one? Everytime I click launch it reads: NAT punchthrough capable. Enabling NAT punchtrhough functionality.

[Host Game] [Update Games] [Retest connection]

If I click Host Game I can play but isn't there any other games already made??

If I click Update Games it does nothing.

If I click Retest Connection It just reads again NAT punchthrough bla bla bla.

It says i have a problem with NAT capabilitys.

Ok, those of you with networking problems, give it another try. The Public IP messages were resulting in an inability to do stuff with people behind NATs (routers), but that should be resolved.

- blowing up a ship will drop a bundle of missiles
- mouse cursor is gone in flight, replaced with reticule
- controls have been changed to support browsers better
- proper support for the Escape key
- entering a name is now required
- you'll see who 'has' connected via the TAB key before they die/kill

More bug fixes:
 - Lasers are now targeting the center of the reticule.
 - little HUD icons identify what the numbers mean.
 - chatting no longer interferes with ship controls.
 - mouse cursor doesn't go away until you launch your ship

Ok, I've learned a lot as I've been building this and I've cast aside the chains of direct object movement and embraced true physics-based motion and thrust. Along with this, I've greatly tweaked the controls and added joystick support.


  1. W/S (up/down arrows) - engine thrust
  2. SPACE - boosters


  1. I/K (mouse up/down, numpad 8/2) - pitch
  2. J/L (mouse left/right, numpad 4/6) - yaw
  3. A/D (left/right arrows) - roll
  4. F - re-orient the ship
  5. \ (backslash) - toggle mouse pitch/yaw on/off (defaults to on)


  1. E,C (alt) - fire lasers
  2. Q,Z (ctrl, left mouse) - fire missile


  1. T - toggle chat input
  2. TAB - show scores
  3. ESC - leave game

(note that you'll want to disable mouse control for proper control)

  1. back/forth (axis 1) - pitch
  2. left/right (axis 2) - yaw
  3. rotate stick (axis 3) - roll
  4. thrust slider (axis 4) - engine thrust
  5. main trigger (button 1) - fire missle
  6. 2nd trigger (button 2) - fire lasers
  7. button 4 - boosters
  8. button 5 (button 12) - re-orient the ship