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Accessing the Grid
Pro tips


If you're trying to access the Grid and are experiencing errors or find you can't log in there's a few simple things to try first.

Open the drop down list on the website and instead of going straight for 'Access Grid' select manage characters and access the grid from there.

There is a known delay after log on to allow everything to sync so you generally need to wait 5-10 minutes after logging on to be able to access the grid.

If neither of these solution works, log out then log back in rinse and repeat.

Also there are IC reasons for the SIC not working every time in the Mix.

I can't seem to access the grid since logging in tonight. From the Characters page, if I hit access grid, it tells me, "Error: that character is not logged in." If I try to access the grid directly, I get the 404 error.

I've been logged in for more than an hour and this doesn't seem to be related to an IC issue. I've tried logging out and back in (both to the game and website) and I still can't seem to get anywhere.

Has that sorted out, Vera?