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Character Creation
this newbie needs help!!

I keep trying to make a character but I am not getting an email with the log in info after I confirmed my email address, what am I doing wrong?

I just registered yesterday and I have the exact same problem: I dont get the confirmation email. re-checked my email-address and made sure that I entered it correctly, checked my spam folder and everything. Its just not there.

What can I do?

Have you checked your junk folder?

If problems persist email help@sindome.org

Detail the problems you're having, your username etc and they should be able to help you.

As I said: yes.

But thanks for the address, I'll email them :)

Connecting as a guest and speaking to staff over xhelp may also help.

Sorry, didn't read your post properly. It's getting pretty late here. You can always attempt to connect as a Guest and XHELP an Admin and see if any are available.

Or wait it out. I don't see many admin active at the moment in game, so sadly you may have to wait a little while until the issue is sorted.

no problem. I wrote an email and I guess I'll wait until tomorrow with trying the ingame xhelp so as to not cause the GMs superficial trouble by trying several ways parallel

superFLUOUS trouble actually

I had the same problem when I registered. The mail didn't even make it to my spam folder. I found that putting the domain name {sindome.org} on my email safe list solved the problem immediately.