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fix johnny's cheesy writing

Have a great writing style?

Want to help out the game?

We're seeking to fill two positions, both entry level publishers focused on website content. HTML skills are a plus, but not a requirement. You will be editing existing web pages, help documentation, babble-on scripts as well as creating entirely new content in these areas. We've created a special admin position within the Game to support your role with us. We're calling this role the $publisher.

In this role, you won't have access to most admin channels, you won't deal with player needs, you won't have to give up your player. While you won't be a game master (we call them $watchers), there is always the potential for you to gain responsibilities and become one (or a coder) in due time.


Email help@sindome.org soon. We will be picking two individuals to start with us in the new year and maybe it can be you!