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Enable Local Echo
New Webclient Feature

While working on bug fixes for the webclient, I added an optional local echo of the commands you input. You can turn this on from the webclient options screen, which you can reach from the webclient login screen (after authenticating).

This feature is left OFF by default per the will of the community members who gave input yesterday when we asked for preference.


New Webclient Features:

- button to toggle local echo.

- tightened button text, added icons

- link to help docs, link to search

- buttons reduce to icons for mobile (resize to try)

- highlight resume button in red when scroll is paused

- less verbose status feedback

- uber mode auto-collapses on narrow screens (admin only)

Note that we've also updated the versions of some of the underlying libraries we use and I'm seeing some minor affects from those updates that will need to be corrected. Please report anything broken suddenly on the website or the webclient, as the underlying libraries affect both. No changes were made to the grid, so don't report problems there under this request please. :)

You can report a bug in two ways, via the @bug command in the game (really useful for in-game bugs) or via the blue Help button in the webclient.